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Life Groups Online Catalog

Fall 2020 Life Groups
August 30 - November 20

Groups are held on different days/times, as well as different locationssome meet at LFA; others meet in homes, business locations, and online. Be sure to carefully check all details of each group you plan to join. 

CHILDCARE: Childcare is available for Sunday evening groups that are held on site at LFA, plus a couple of other groups below that specify childcare is available. 

LIVING FREE LIFE GROUPS:  These groups are part of our Life Groups structure. These groups exist to help people dealing with life-challenging and life-controlling problems find freedom through small-group discipleship and connection. We offer a number of Living Free Life Groups during our fall and spring semesters and sometimes our summer semester. To learn more about Living Free groups, visit

QUESTIONS? Feel free to email us at

Sunday Groups


LEADERS: Dr. Kurtis Koll & Rocky Pine 
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: September 13

LOCATION: LFA Family Room (Near Auditorium)

This is a Bible study on the Books of Ruth and of Esther. Ruth provides instruction on practical living and a genuine concern for the needs of others. Esther shows the sovereignty and providence of God showing His control and care for His people. 



LEADER: Sam Haubrick
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm
GROUP: Men Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Room A101 (Fellowship Hall)

Do you ever wonder how you can accomplish the things God has called you to do? If you’re going to reach your destiny, you will need some fuel to empower you. This study is designed to give you spiritual insight on how to be a Spirit-empowered man, how to tap into your potential, and how to create lasting change in your church, in your family, and in the culture of your community. Invite a friend and experience FIVESTARMAN!


LEADERS: Sandra Fehring & Pastor Debbie Pratt
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm
GROUP: Women Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Fireside Room

This DVD/interactive study, 20/20, with Christine Caine will help you develop a new understanding of how God sees you and has chosen you to help make Jesus’ name known on this planet. Through biblical teaching and lessons from their own lives, Christine and the Girlfriends Ministry Team will challenge you to share the story of how God’s love has transformed your life right where you are. (8 sessions)



LEADER: Pastor Greg Ruple
TIME: Sundays* 4:30pm
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: Lawton Municipal Golf Course

*First group meeting is Sunday, August 30th; remaining group meetings will be 1st & 3rd Sundays through last group meeting Sunday, October 18th. 

Golf can be thrilling and it can be frustratingmuch like life. In this group we will not only play golf, but also encourage each other and learn principles we can take from golf and use them to grow in our walk with Christ. Our first group meetup will be Sunday, August 30th, at the Lawton Municipal Golf Course, 3801 SW 11th, Lawton OK 73505. Each group attendee is required to pay his/her own green/cart fees and provide own golf clubs. Ending time will vary based on each playing group.



LEADERS: Jamie Santiago & Jessica Moore
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm
GROUP: Single Parent Families 
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA 5/6 Theater (Atrium 2nd Floor)

This group is designed to be a safe place for single parents to discuss, share, fellowship, and support each other while on this journey with Christ. We will learn to strengthen our understanding of who we are in Christ without getting lost in our role of being a "single parent." 


This group is now closed.

LEADER: LuAnn Bean
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm 
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Room B207 (Atrium 2nd Floor)

With its emphasis on developing Christian character, Insight is a powerful group for those who want to live life free from life-controlling problems—either the development of a life-controlling problem or overcoming a current problem. A $10 workbook is required. (10 Sessions)


LEADER: Mike Tosspon
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm 
GROUP: Coed Ages 21+
START DATE: August 30

This group will do an in-depth study of a book by leader Mike Tosspon's friend D.A. Horton. Here’s the description of the book: When it comes to the ethnic divisions in our world, we speak often of seeking racial reconciliation. But at no point have all the different ethnicities on Earth been reconciled. Animosity, distrust, and hostility among people from various ethnicities have always existed in American history. Even in the church, we have often built walls―ethnic segregation, classism, sexism, and theological tribes―to divide God’s people from each other. But it shouldn’t be this way. God’s people are the only people on earth who have experienced true reconciliation. Who better to enter into the ethnic tensions of our day with the hope of Jesus? In Intensional, Pastor D. A. Horton steps into the tension to offer vision and practical guidance for Christians longing to embrace our Kingdom ethnicity, combating the hatred in our culture with the hope of Jesus Christ. 


LEADERS: Pastor Abdiel & Jaecy Pagan
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm 
GROUP: Students 7-12th Grades
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Activity Center 

Calling all students! Join Pastor Abdiel and Jaecy on Sunday evenings for a fun time of hanging out together and an opportunity to challenge one another to grow in our journey with Jesus.



LEADER: Pastor Lacey Gardner
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm 
GROUP: Moms of Early Childhood/Elementary Kids
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Room B205 (Atrium 2nd Floor)

As moms, the majority of our time is spent working and serving our families, and opportunities to invest in friendships that support us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually are rare. Join other moms as we learn from Karen Stubbs about “Self Talk.” This is a brand new series (debuting August 2020) from Birds On A Wire ministry! Check out for more info.



LEADER: Pastor Don Barnes
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Room B204 (Atrium 2nd Floor)

America has undergone a radical shift in recent times, from an exceptional nation to a nation in decline. Signs of decay reveal the breakdown of the family, morals, and disregard for Christian values. This DVD study by Kirk Cameron and Stephen McDowell shares the good news that we can do something to resolve these problems and restore America by following the blueprint that the Founders of this nation gave us. 



LEADERS: Aaron Nettles & Katarina Reading
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm
GROUP: Coed Singles Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Room B208 (Atrium 2nd Floor)

The perfect marriage isn't always as easy as it looks. Pastor Craig Groeschel (Life.Church) will unpack with us, in this DVD study, that there’s a lot more that goes into a healthy relationship than what shows up on social media, so let’s set some real Relationship Goals together! Watch PROMO.



LEADER: Jackie Graves
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm 
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30

No matter how strong we claim our faith in God is, when life is hard, it all comes down to resolve. Do we really believe what we say we believe? And does what we profess with our lips actually show up in our everyday actions? Both challenging and encouraging, Resolved unpacks ten life-impacting resolutions every follower of Jesus Christ must make in order to stand strong in the shifting sands of our culture. This is an online group using the ZOOM video conferencing platform. Instructions on how to use ZOOM will be emailed to you when you register if you provide an accurate email address.



LEADER: Pastor David Hubbard
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm 
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Room B203 (Atrium 2nd Floor)

Stepping into Freedom is a Christ-centered, twelve-step program that offers help for anyone struggling with a life-controlling problem like drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual addiction, gambling or workaholism. This teaching supports a person’s desire to maintain a life free of life-controlling problems. A $10 workbook is required. (12 Sessions)



LEADER: LaRae Carr
TIME: Sundays 6:00pm
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: August 30
LOCATION: LFA Chat Room (Corner of Café)

This group will start out with a short time of discussion on an incredible book entitled Run the Mile You're In by Ryan Hall. Then, we will head outdoors to walk or run in the vicinity of the LFA campus. It is recommended, but optional, that each participant purchase the book Run the Mile You're In by Ryan Hall. Sources are: or

Monday Groups


LEADERS: Christina & Andre Petersen
TIME: Mondays 6:30pm 
GROUP: Parents
START DATE: August 31
LOCATION: Home Group

This group is for fellowship and support for families living with special needs. We'll be discussing the names of God and how they can help us in our unique situations. Kids are welcome, but separate childcare is not provided. Sensory activities will be available if needed. 


LEADERS: Pastor Abdiel & Jaecy Pagan
TIME: Mondays 7:30pm 
GROUP: Coed Ages 18-29
START DATE: August 31
LOCATION: Home Group

Are you a young adult looking to become part of a community? Come join Abdiel & Jaecy Pagan for a great time of fellowship and growth. Group location will be provided upon registration.

Tuesday Groups


LEADERS: Liz Shorter & Glenda Sparlin
TIME: Tuesdays 9:30am 
GROUP: Women Ages 18+
START DATE: August 18
LOCATION: LFA Fireside Room

This study will guide us on how to allow the fruit of the Spirit of God to use the Word of God to produce His fruit in our lives and move us beyond reflection to application. Group meets 9:30am to 11:30am. Childcare is provided for kids birth through Age 4.

Wednesday Groups


This group is now closed.

LEADERS: Alan & Deborah Spencer
TIME: Wednesdays 7:00pm
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: September 2

Nearly six million people have gone through the nine lessons in Financial Peace University and learned the proven plan to pay off debt, save for emergencies, and build wealth! Join us on Zoom on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm as we learn together. (10 sessions) A $129.99 FPU subscription is required. Info on how to set up and use Zoom will be emailed to you upon registration. Is $129.99 really worth it? Dave Ramsey assures us it is. Following the Seven Baby Steps you will learn, Ramsey states, "The average person finds $332 after their first month of budgeting. In the first 90 days, the average person pays off $5,300 in debt and puts $2,700 into savings. And that’s just in the first three months! Imagine what you can do after that!"


This group is now closed.

LEADER: Sara Acosta
TIME: Wednesdays 7:00pm
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: September 2

Free to Grow will help you overcome disappointments and setbacks that have arrested or are presently hindering emotional and spiritual development. You will gain an understanding of how to be set free so you can grow and become all that God has designed you to be. Information on how to set up and use Zoom will be emailed upon registration if you provide an accurate email address when registering. A $10 workbook is required. (12 Sessions)

Thursday Groups


LEADER: Connie Lavallee
TIME: Thursdays 7:00pm 
GROUP: Women Ages 18+
START DATE: September 3
LOCATION: Home Group

This group is for women looking, learning, and sharing what a journey of happiness looks like while you're walking with Christ.


This group is now closed.

LEADER: Darla Massad
TIME: Thursdays 6:30pm 
GROUP: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: September 3
LOCATION: Home Group

When it comes to worry, anxiety, depression, and stress, America is the frontrunner. Thankfully, there's a practical prescription for dealing with these issues. Anxious for Nothing, from New York Times bestselling author, Max Lucado, provides a roadmap for battling with and healing from worry and anxiety. Does the uncertainty and chaos of life keep you up at night? Is irrational worry your constant companion? Could you use some calm? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Stop letting anxiety rule the day. Join us on the journey to true freedom and experience more joy, clarity, physical renewal, and contentment by the power of the Holy Spirit. Worry and anxiety come with life. But it doesn't have to dominate your life. Purchase your copy of Anxious for Nothing at Group location will be provided upon registration. 


CLUB 1948

LEADER: Dr. Kurtis Koll
TIME: Thursdays 10:00am
GROUP TYPE: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: September 3
LOCATION: 67th Street Café

Club 1948 meets at the 67th Street Cafe (inside Country Mart off 67th Street). It is called Club 1948 because Israel became a nation May 14, 1948, and (less important) 1948 is the birth year of our leader Kurtis Koll! This group discusses the Scriptures and details Pastor Don's sermon from the previous Sunday. We pray for one another and enjoy God's grace together.



LEADERS: Andrew Dikas & Aaron Nettles
TIME: Thursdays 7:00pm
GROUP TYPE: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: August 20
LOCATION: Home Group

Our group will focus on the importance of Christians pursuing the continual presence of God through prayer and worship. Come discover how to have a lifestyle of worship on a daily basis. Group location will be emailed upon registration. 

Friday Groups


LEADERS: Marcy & Todd Phares
TIME: Fridays 7:00pm 
GROUP TYPE: Coed Ages 18+
START DATE: September 4

Join Todd and Marcy Phares, along with Pastor Greg and Denice Erway, for Habitation—a powerful evening of worship and prayer. We invite you to come for an unhurried, uninterrupted time of worship as we passionately pursue God's heart and rest in His presence. Childcare is available for kids Age 5 and under, $3/child each session—childcare capacity is limited, so first come, first served. 



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