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Pastors Gary & Debbie Pratt



Restoring, building, and saving marriages.

The National Association of Marriage Enhancement (NAME) Center is a network serving in the United States and globally to address a serious problem—the breakdown of the family. The LFA NAME Center joins this cause, restoring, building, and saving marriages through FREE couple to couple coaching sessions with our trained, volunteer NAME Certified Marriage Specialists. 


Making a Difference

The following are testimonies from people who have experienced God’s special touch and provision in their marriages through the LFA NAME Center. We believe you will be encouraged and find hope for yourself through reading them.

We needed a Reboot, a marriage check-up!  The main thing that was brought to our rememberance was the importance of the marriage covenant.  God expects us to keep the marriage covenant strong.  It's His institution not ours.  It is our duty to glorify Him through it.  Understanding and identifying our personality profiles was huge durring a session.  It helped dfevelop a servant attitude as opposed to being served all the time!  Selfless or selfishness! To our Coaches, we are so very grateful for your lovoe and support, your objectivity and Godly wisdom.  We appreciate the fact that neither of you pointed fingers or tood sides, you simply challenged us to look ourselves. We were give pratical exercises to look at the ositive aspects of the marriage and not the negative.  

We think the coaching offered great information and is a good tool for married couples or couples looking into marriage. We wish the coaching was something we attended earlier in our marriage, before we started having problems. It would have been something that would have helped us early into our marriage. The coaching has given us tools and valuable information as a foundation to build on.

We have learned a lot from our coach. They poured a lot into our marriage and really brought out the Bible to show us about marriage, how it works, and how to care about each other. Focusing on Christ is our first priority now. We also learned how to set boundaries with our grown children and others.
We have learned so much in our sessions. The tools that were provided for us were very helpful and gave us the opportunity to use them in our marriage. We feel that our coaches could relate to us and our situation and have been through things we have been through before we started our sessions. They taught us that the keys to growing together are forgiving one another and actually listening to one another. Our marriage was going downhill very quickly, but with the help of our coaches, we are now enjoying each other more, spending more time together, discussing issues that we once would avoid, and sharing kind words. Slowly but surely, we falling back in love and really realizing and remembering why we got married.
In the beginning. our marriage was headed for a complete downfall. We were referred to the NAME Center. Our marriage has taken a turn for the better now as my wife and I have learned alot about one another through prayer and communication. We want to thank God for allowing us to take part in such a great coaching experience. Thank you, coaches, for taking the time to help us get our marriage back on track. We would also like to thank the Pastor and staff of Lawton First Assembly for allowing us the opportunity to receive this coaching.
When we first married, we knew we would have ups and downs, but it seemed like the “for worse” came before we could even enter the honeymoon phase. There were plenty of fights and tears and bags packed and unpacked, and we both knew we needed serious help. We contacted the NAME Center and did not have to wait too long before help was on the way. Our coaching couple made us feel comfortable and accepted, and we trusted the level of confidentiality and the privacy that the building offered. Our coaches gave us weekly assignments that helped us discover our deepest needs and how God designed us to meet them for each other. We received the healing and transformation our marriage needed, and now we are closer than when we first met. We know God has a great plan for us, and we are eternally thankful for the love and help we received with this coaching. Our lives are greatly enriched because of the NAME Center.

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