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Everyone has a story. Some stories make us laugh and some stories make us cry, but all stories make us feel something. We want to hear your story. We believe life stories are powerful ways for others to see God.

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July 2013

We recently received this feedback from a first-time attender:
I have a co-worker with whom I’d been asking about a church to attend. He advised that he and his family had just started going to LFA and really enjoyed EVERY aspect of it. So after work, I met he and his wife for Wed night service. I was VERY pleased and felt welcome by all I came into contact with.

January 22, 2013

My husband and our family were stationed at Fort Sill and recently moved back to Colorado. My kids and I were only in Lawton for a year while my husband was in Lawton two years prior to us arriving there. When we arrived in Lawton, it was a culture shock for my children and me. At first we did not like it at all and wondered why God moved us to Lawton and why my husband couldn’t be stationed back in Colorado. Two months into being in Lawton, I decided , God you brought us here for a reason, so I’m going to stop fighting this feeling and just give it to you, Lord. As soon as I did, the attitude changed with me and even my children. God gave me a great job and my children even had a different attitude. Lawton First is such an awesome church, and it really had a HUGE impact on my family and me. We were involved so much more with church and we just loved the people , the activities and what LFA represented. We were so heartbroken to move. I’m crying typing this letter because this was probably the best experience in my life for my family and me. To have hated moving there to loving it within less than a year was amazing! God is good, all the time, and all the time God is good! Coming from a big city to Lawton, I really look at that town differently. We miss it so much but we’re just thankful to God for blessing us and giving us the opportunity to experience this little town and wonderful church! God bless you all!

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