Freedom Groups are a part of our Life Groups structure. These groups exist to help people dealing with life-controlling problems find freedom through discipleship and connection. We offer a number of Freedom Groups during our Life Groups semesters. 

The Need

Our society is full of people who choose to live self-destructive life styles and endure every day the painful consequences of their choices. Even in church, people disguise painful struggles with Sunday smiles. The pain may come because of a loved one’s life controlling problem, difficult life circumstances, or even a personal struggle with sin that nobody else knows. Everyone faces these situations at some time in life. For many, these issues aren’t recognized as a life-controlling situation, but they are. Maybe it’s perfectionism, approval addiction, people-pleasing, bitterness, or bad attitudes. These are all subtle lies from the enemy of our souls that we need freedom from. Freedom Groups offer help and hope through personal connection and God’s Word. 

Three Core Groups

Free to Grow

Free to Grow Life Group will help you overcome disappointments and setbacks that have arrested or are presently hindering emotional and spiritual development. You will gain an understanding of how to be set free so you can grow and become all that God has designed you to be. (11 to 12 Sessions) 



With its emphasis on developing Christian character, Insight is a powerful group for those who want to live life free from life-controlling problems—either the development of a life-controlling problem or overcoming a current problem. (10 Sessions) 


Stepping Into Freedom

Stepping into Freedom is a Christ-centered twelve-step program that offers help for anyone struggling with a life-controlling problem like drug addiction, alcoholism, sexual addiction, gambling or workaholism. This teaching supports a person’s desire to maintain a life free of life-controlling problems. (11 to 12 Sessions)