The Mission

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to
all creation." 
Mark 16:15

Our Vision

Know God • Discover Purpose
Find Freedom • Make a Difference

Know God

Knowing God brings new life!

God wants a relationship with you!
LFA is a safe place to learn more about God and
grow closer to Him.


Find Freedom

Freedom moves you forward!


God desires that you live in freedom!
Connecting with others in an LFA Life Group is
a life-changing experience.


Discover Purpose

Purpose releases potential!


God intends for you to understand exactly
where you fit in His plan. Attending PATHWAY is a critical step in discovering your purpose and place in our church.


Make a Difference

Meet a need,

make a difference!


This is God's ultimate plan for us—to make a difference
in the lives of people everywhere!
When we do, the Bible tells us we will experience joy.