The DNA of who we are

#1 We passionately pursue Jesus.

We believe that we grow closer to God

and one another in community!

The Bible speaks about iron

sharpening iron, and that

together, we are stronger.

#2 We fully embrace the power of the Holy Spirit.

We strive to be a church without walls! Jesus calls for us to go outside the walls to reach them lost and the broken.

#3 We encourage people to

ongoing improvement.

We value our relationships with

one another! We grow through

fellowship, and ultimately, we grow closer

to God. We treasure the Word of God and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

We look to extend grace to the lost and

broken, and lead those with no hope

to the hope of Jesus Christ.

#4 We create opportunities for every person to use their gifts.

We value the gifts God put inside of each and every one of us,

and we use our talents, passions, time,

and gifts to serve others.

#5 We are a family who is better together.

We are a multicultural, multi-ethnic

family united under one God-given

vision. We pray for one another and

extend grace to one another.

#6 We live to give.

We are contributors, not consumers! We lead the way in generosity. No amount of money, resource, or effort is insignificant in our attempts to reach those in need of Jesus.

#7 We invest in the next generation.

We train, equip, and commission the

next generation! We pray for and partner with parents to help them raise children who love God and serve others.

#8 We act in audacious faith.

We act in faith to set impossible goals,

take bold steps, and watch God move.

In order to fulfill our vision, we think big, with an outward focus on others.

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